Complete weighbridge solutions for weighing, registration, data collection and control

Scanvaegt Systems designs and provides complete weighbridge solutions for weighing, registration, data collection and control, which contribute to quality, efficiency and increased profits.

The solutions consist of weighbridges, terminals, traffic control systems, surveillance equipment, IT systems and are designed to handle industry-specific tasks in the environmental sector, recycling industry, construction industry, raw materials industry, recycling centres and agriculture.

Our weighbridge range includes full concrete weighbridges, steel weighbridges and cast-for-yourself weighbridges and movable weighbridges.

Weighbridge type
Length (up to)
18 m
24 m (30 m)
45 cm
32 cm
Weighing capacity (up to)
60 t
80 t
Special measurements available
Concrete C45/55
Built-in version
Pre-fabricated strip foundations – above ground
Pre-fabricated foundations bed – built in
Max. axle load
10 t
12 t
Integrated heating coils
Yes (as an option)
Maintenance access
From the side
From the top
Relocatable version

Weighbridge for any weighing task

Scanvaegt Systems sell complete weighing systems for all types of weighing of large vehicles and related IT system solutions for the environmental sector, agriculture, royal weighers, etc.

A Scanvaegt weighbridge is available with a load capacity of up to 100 tons and a division of 20/10/50 kg. They can handle virtually any weighing task within both agriculture and industry. The weighbridges are verifiable according to the latest EU regulations.

Reliable and accurate weighing function

The load cells of the weighbridge are made of stainless steel with IP68 seal rate, which makes them extremely reliable.

A unique construction principle allows a direct force transfer to the load cells and ensures a fast and accurate weighing result. The load cells are placed on elastomeric bearings which protect against potential side movements, dynamic loads and mechanical wear, resulting in a longer service life and lower maintenance costs.

More powerful features

The load cells have special protection against lightning strikes which prevents damage and ensures continuous operation.

There is easy access to inspect the load cells, since all parts are easily accessible from the side of the weighbridge. The weighbridge has no visible cables - all are covered in cable ducts and are thus protected from external factors and, e.g. gnawing from pests.

Flexible, scalable software solution

ScanX.Net is a modular, scalable IT system for the handling and administration of weighing on weighbridges. The system has a number of standard modules for waste registration, reporting, payment, traffic control, identification, billing calculation and many others. ScanX.Net can also control multiple production or treatment plants with different geographical locations and categorises the data from the different plants in the same database.

The modular system design of ScanX.NET software offers great flexibility and ensures optimal adaptation to the individual solution. The system can easily be expanded with both standard modules and customised modules when the company and the solution grows or changes.