Solutions for waste management are used by private citiziens who are to be registered in the central administration.

Solutions for container grounds

Weighing and registration of the private citizens use

The container grounds and recycling sites are used by private citiziens who are to be registered in the central administration.

To handle that job Scanvaegt has designed a solution, which registrers and collect all required data, from the time when the individual person weighs-in the materials he/she is bringing to the container ground until the time when the full containers with the recycled materials sorted into specific groups are being weighed-out from the container ground again.

Quick weighing-in and registration of all the users

The user and car is weighed-in on a weighbridge, where he/she inserts the user card into a terminal. Now the ScanX software registers the user's data - either by number of visits or by the weight of the recycling materials, the user has delivered.

Weighing-out materials from the container ground

When the containers are full, they are transported out of the container ground on to further handling. Every truck with a container is being weighed-out and the type of recycling materials in the actual container is registered in the correct fractions in the ScanX software.

Capture of data to the central administration

The ScanX software-package has indexes, that can register and couple the statistical information together, e.g. type, fractions, source etc. The ScanX then may generate the obligatory report, required by the authorities.


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Solutions for container grounds


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