The most efficient weigh price labelling system 

The new weigh price labelling system - the Espera Nova – comes with innovative technology that will help reduce labor cost and improve profit margins.


Espera Nova is based on an entirely new high-speed and high-precision concept that optimises the labelling process, increases quality control and provides the operator with userfriendly operation and a quick overview.

Product Sales Manager Allan Hedevang explains; “The Espera Nova has an astounding up-time. With the new inclusion of the machine being able to assess the state of all components - meaning that if a motor belt needs to be changed soon, the machine will tell the operator ahead of time. That way you can make sure your Espera Nova always are ready to use without the fear of losing valuable production time”.

He continues; “The Espera Nova is easy to install, setup and operate. Once you have setup the labelling specifications for one of your products, the machine saves the info about the placement of labels, the width of the product, automatic printer positioning, guide adjustments and so on. So next time you need to label that product type, you just call the product number with all of the info, you saved last time”.  

3D Camera – perfect, high-precision label placement

In addition to all the above, Espera Nova uses a 3D camera, to get an accurate image of the whole product, and where to place the label. This is ideal for labelling for example whole chickens or cheeses that comes in many sizes and shapes.

When the Espera Nova labels the products it is extremely precise, applying the labels with precision down to one millimeter. So not only does the Espera Nova label products fast, as is shown in the video, it also does it without misplacing any labels. This ensures that your products all have the correct labels and that the labels in question are placed correct.

Visual, userfriendly operations

Inspite of being very advanced, the machine is very userfriendly, which Allan Hedevang explains; “The Espera Nova is extremely easy to setup and operate. The 21” touch-and-swipe screen will give you all relevant information about the current state of the machine, and allow you to change product types fast and seamless, reducing waste time to a minimum.  At the same time it is easy and simple to change label rolls either when you run out or you are looking to use another label.