About Scanvaegt Food Industry

Scanvaegt Systems is a market leading Scandinavian provider of high-tech concepts for weighing, portioning, labelling, inspection and production management as well as traceability.

Scanvaegt Systems is a strong partner for companies that want to strengthen their competitiveness and increase profits. 

As a One-Stop Provider of hardware, software, service and advice we provide innovative solutions that optimize processes and improve efficiency. This gives our customers significant competitive advantages that improve earnings and create new growth opportunities.

Scanvaegt Systems' skilled specialists have significant insight into the food industry and production processes - they can offer competent advice and design the optimal solution, which will enhance our customers' business.

Close cooperation between our subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Germany and Poland as well as distributors in many other countries ensure our international customer service and support across borders.

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Customer cases

Our customers are meeting new challenges every day entailing increased requirements of the manufacturing process. We can help solve these challenges and at the same time contribute to creating more value for our customers.

In co-operation with our customers we have written various cases telling how the specific solutions work and explaining which benefits and improvements they have resulted in.

You can read about our customers and their production, their experiences, and the results they have achieved by using Scanvaegt solutions and systems to solve some of the challenges they meet every day. We hope that their experiences may serve as an inspiration to you and give you ideas for production improvements.


Innovation and originality are prerequisites in order to maintain our position as market leader - therefore our employees represent our most important resource.

Being an employee with us you can be sure of getting a technically challenging workday with the possibility of developing both your personal as well as professional qualifications. We find it important that the individual employee is able to work both independently and in close co-operation with other efficient employees depending on the assignment or situation in question.

We offer continuous internal requalification courses and also support participation in external specialist education contributing to improve the professional qualifications of the individual employee. The professional competences of our employees and their dedication to our firm are key elements in fulfilment of Scanvaegt Systems’ general goals.