Robust and reliable hand-held computers

Scanvaegt Systems sells hand-held computers and PDAs from Honeywell/Intermec. These are the most effective solution for wireless on-site control and management of all tasks and data capture for ERP/financial systems.

The hand-held computers combine Microsoft® Windows® operating system and powerful communication technology in a compact, sturdy design. An Intermec hand-held computer gives the user great freedom of movement to perform tasks anywhere in the company and helps to improve efficiency.

Long battery life, high reliability

The hand-held computers provide outstanding reliability with intelligent battery technology, which delivers sufficient power for a full working day, which eliminates the problem of dead batteries and production downtime.

Hand-held computers with multi-touch screen

Intermec hand-held computers are equipped with a multi-touch screen that allows for a more graphical user interface and display-centric applications.

Built for harsh environments

The hand-held computers are built for harsh environments, and the robust design withstands many drops from heights onto concrete. They also have an IP64 seal rating against rain and dust.