Seaworthy IT-upgrade for fishing vessels

Scanvaegt’s recently developed SeaPack System for pre-packing fish onboard has given HM227 Myggenes quantum leap forward, when it comes to ease of use and low service costs.

The SeaPack system, installed onboard the HM227 Myggenes, owned by fishing skipper Claus Pedersen, is customised for the hectic, hard job of packing that takes place in the trawler’s hold. This is where fish are sorted and packed around the clock.

Ease of use is crucial

Claus Pedersen, fishing skipper of the HM227 Myggenes is very satisfied with the new sea-packing system. “In my world, things need to be as easy as possible. You shouldn’t have to be an IT expert to use a system. But that was the case with our ‘old’ system,” he says.

Down in the hold, Claus Pedersen reveals the difference in terms of user-friendliness between the new and the old sea-packing system, which is used for weighing, labelling and registering fish at sea.

“In the old system, the fields on the screen, where we have to physically enter the  species and size of the fish, were far too small. We wear wet rubber gloves when sorting fish. It was also very complicated when we had to enter the system and change weight limits or fish species,”  he explains.

Easy operation saves working hours

The new Scanvaegt SeaPack system, which Claus Pedersen also helped  develop, is much easier to use.

“For one thing, the screen is more than twice the size of the old screen. The graphics are also much more manageable with large fields that are easy to press, when wearing wet rubber gloves. All our employees can use this system. It simply works. It saves us a lot of hassle and time,”  says Claus Pedersen.

It's all about financial health

In addition to the user-friendliness, Claus Pedersen also points to the low service costs of the new system.
“The competition is fierce in our industry, so we have to be aware of our budget when investing in new IT equipment. We will also sign a service agreement for the new system, which is much better and cheaper than our previous agreement,” says Claus Pedersen.
He is referring to the fact that Scanvaegt has the largest service organisation in the Danish fishing industry.


  • Difficult operation with heavy gloves
  • Locked, inconvenient order of buttons
  • Time-consuming registration and reporting
  • High service costs


  • Large terminal with bigger buttons
  • Free order and placement of buttons
  • Registration using drop-down menus
  • Automatic reporting to e-log
  • New service and support partner


  • Faster packing creates higher quality
  • Customised packing programs save working hours
  • Easy operation and registration
  • Lower costs and higher earnings

Overview of earnings at sea

The SeaPack system can provide an overview of earnings, while the boat is still at sea. The system’s price control index has standard prices for all species of fish. Based on the day’s catch and daily prices, the skipper can generate a report in SeaPack with a calculation of the value of the current catch.

Flexible, scalable system 

The SeaPack system is available either as an ‘add-on’ system - just with the software and computer terminal for integration with existing marine scales and printers - or as a complete solution with software, computer terminal and new marine scales and printers.

The graphics are also much more manageable with large fields that are easy to press, when wearing wet rubber gloves. All our employees can use this system. It simply works - and saves us a lot of hassle and time,
Claus Pedersen Skipper & Owner, HM227 Myggenes

Export to e-log

The system integrates with the Fisheries Agency’s registration system - e-log - automatically exporting all relevant information about trip, haul, catch etc. The fields are automatically filled in with data from the SeaPack system, so the skipper does not have to do it manually. He saves a lot of time

Several benefits

The SeaPack system features a number of benefits, e.g.:
• Fast packing
• User-friendly operation
• Easy trip planning
• Simple system setup
• Control of partially-packed boxes
• Overview of earnings
• Low service costs
• Integration with e-log

New, large trawler – with SeaPack on board 

The owners of the vessel have ordered a new, state-of-the-art trawler from Karstensens
Skibsværft in Skagen. The trawler is more than double the size of the HM227 Myggenes and will be fitted with two, brand-new Scanvaegt SeaPack systems.

  • Fast packing
  • Easy trip planning
  • Control of partially-packed boxes
  • Overviews of earnings

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