ScanPlant-NG WPL System

Intelligent and efficient Labelling

ScanPlant WPL is an intelligent software system that ensures that the products are labelled with the correct informations, e.g. product content, ingredients, storage instructions, shelf life, EAN and GS1 barcodes.

The system registers all of the traceability data through all production processes and has an automatic function for data-summation, which gathers data for the next packaging level – from item to box and from box to pallet. The system also manages data about the origin of the product and lot number for the traceability of the individual products.


Automatic Summation for the next level

ScanPlant WPL has an automatic summation function- once a box is fully packed, a box label with a summed data of the content, e.g. amount and net and gross weight, is printed out automatically. The same function applies for palletizing - once a pallet is full, a parcel label with the summed data is printed out automatically.

The item, box and pallet labels can be printed by the same or individual label printers. The packaging labels can be printed with the GS1 barcodes for reception and traceability purposes.

Quick and Efficient Operation

ScanPlant WPL makes product labelling management easy. Beginning a packing job is made easy by a product number, a sales order number or a package number. Once the product is selected, all relevant data is displayed on the screen and the operator can pack, register and print the label.

The order and packing number gives an opportunity to create variants of the same product, which, for instance, can be labelled with a different label design, price or barcode.

As an alternative to entering a number, the operator can use  a barcode scanner for quick product switch by scanning an ID barcode. The traceability data can be scanned and displayed in the same way.

If the weight result is outside fixed weight limits, the operator receives a warning. An ongoing log is displayed on the screen – here the operator can carry-out crediting, if any. It is also possible to make adjustments to the content of a pallet.

The operator can force-shut a sales order, a box or a pallet at any time. A progress bar is displayed on the screen when a sales order is being packed, thus the operator can see the packaging progress.

An order can be created and adjusted in ScanPlant, but can also be imported from external order systems. It’s also possible to have shipping- and/or traceability documents printed automatically.

Several Strong Features

  • Automatic data summation for the final label
  • Full traceability management
  • Freely editable label designs
  • All Windows fonts and foreign signs
  • Package weight control
  • User-friendly operator screen (OI)
  • Easy product switch by barcodes
  • Display view of the packing job by progress bar

Freely Editable Label Designs

The labels can be freely designed with all sorts of texts, graphic symbols, frames, bar codes, incl. such 2D bar codes as Datamatrix and QR. The system supports Unicode and can therefore print all foreign signs, e.g. Greek, Chinese, Arabic or Russian.

All of the Windows fonts can be used for printing – that ensures unified profiling of the products. It is also possible to use neutral labels, where a significant part of the information is printed in-line.

Solid Packing Solution

ScanPlant WPL can also be used at Scanvaegt’s packing stations for weighing, packing and labelling with individual weight and weight/price barcodes. The packing station, which consists of Scanvaegt’s solid industrial weights, pt9000 industrial terminal and printer, can also be supplied as a waterproof solution with a stainless-steel cabinet for a printer for the harsh industrial invironments.

Full Traceability (option)

The WPL-system is available with an option for automatically registering, which production batches that are used for a particular lot of end-products and the customers who have received the goods from the particular lot of the end products.

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ScanPlant NG WPL System