Scanvaegt SP520 Compact Sizer ++ is a fast, accurate and robust sizing solution
Scanvaegt’s SP520 Compact Sizer ++ is the ideal solution for weight-sizing jobs
Scanvaegt SP520 Compact Sizer ++ handles efficiently grading of products weighing

Scanvaegt SP520 Grader++

For sizing jobs with buffer option

Featuring a robust and reliable design that can withstand use in harsh production environments, Scanvaegt’s SP520 Grader is the ideal solution for weight-sizing jobs at speeds of up to 130 items per min. It ensures maximum utilization of raw materials and handling of packaging of bulk products in wet production environments. Coupled with a robust design and a state-of-the-art HMI, the SP520 Grader represents a powerful solution for providing accurate product weight sizing. Its compact design and flexible configuration possibilities makes it easy to integrate the system into existing production lines.

Modular design

This solution has been designed to accommodate various customer requirements. It comes in three different standard configuration levels:

  • SP520 Grader Basic
  • SP520 Grader+
  • SP520 Grader++

As the process weigher and separator are two individual units, you are assured the same high accuracy and capacity as provided in Scanvaegt’s top range of Design Graders.

SP520 Grader++

The most advanced solution SP520 Grader++  includes a minimum batching function, where the products are sorted into a predefined total portion weight, for example 3 kg. 

The system continuously accumulates the products’ individual weight. The weight is used for calculating into which portion and collection bin the individual product must be sorted. When a batch has been reached, the pushbutton light next to the gate indicates a complete batch. This ensures that the portion always reaches the minimum weight. Once the gate has been emptied manually and the push button activated, the system will automatically start collection for the next batch. The function can also be programmed as a piece count portion. Any further configurations require a Scanvaegt Design Grader solution.

The solution consists as basis of:

  • SP520 Process Weigher, W275 mm
  • SP5220 Separator with 3 x 2 catch arms CC475 mm
  • 6 reject bins with manual gates and push buttons.

Smart features

  • Unbeaten accuracy
  • Modular configuration
  • Hygienic design
  • Userfriendly HMI

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Scanvaegt SP520 Grader++


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