Espera ES5900

Espera ES5900

Automatic labelling of up to 65 products per minute

The ES5900 is a simple, compact and userfriendly automatical weigh and price labeller with high performance of up to 65 products per minute.

The system can apply the label on the top or underside of the product. It can be equipped with more printers for simultaneous labelling

The 5900 is operated from a computer terminal with a userfriendly touch-screen, which guides the operator through the programme by question sequences and a continuous information about the on-going labelling jobs.

The system uses the start/stop principle, i.e. the products stop during weighing and label-application. Info about the lengthwise position of the label can be stored with the product number. The label position across the product can be change by physically moving the printer, which also can be turned for 90° label application.

The machine can be feed from an automatical packing machine or manually, if the ES5900 is provided with an infeed-belt.

The ES5900 is available in these versions:

  • ES5902 with 2 top printers
  • ES5910 with 1 bottom printer
  • ES5911 with 1 top printer and 1 bottom printer
  • ES5912 with 2 top printers and 1 bottom printer

Smart features

  • Performance: up to 65 packs/minute
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Housing in stainless steel
  • High resolution colour monitor with touch screen
  • Interactive control of the unit
  • Product pre-selection memory (no article changeover times)

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Espera ES5900


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