Scanvaegt SVA270 Flex Pallet labelling

Automatic pallet labelling in variable heights

Scanvaegt SVA270 Flex automatically applies SSCC-labels on 2 adjacent sides of the pallet and it can also apply the labels in several variable heights on the pallet, while the pallet remains in one and the same position.

The unique design of SVA270 Flex where the applicator-arm is driven by a servo motor, makes it possible to move the applicator-arm in several axes and levels, horizontally as well as vertically.

It's possible to program up to 32 different application heights, shifting per pallet.

The elevating-range for application can be within e.g. 700 mm or 1,400 mm or according to individual requirements.

Automatic barcode quality check 

The SVA270 Flex, using a Intermec Px6i labelprinter, can be equipped with automatic barcode control system, that checks the readability of the barcode and if the labels have identical numbers.

Compact design 

With the servo motor the SVA270 Flex has achieved a compact design with a foot-print of 660 x 1,190 mm, making it easy to integrate the system into existing pallet conveyor lines.

Smart features

  • Label-application in variable heights
  • All labels are applied while the pallet is placed in one position
  • Complies with international GS1-std.
  • Capacity for Ø300 mm-label rolls
  • Check of barcode readability/content
  • Easy integration to it-systems

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Scanvaegt SVA270 Flex


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