Scanvaegt SC515 HD Box Weigher -  Heavy Duty checkweighing
Scanvaegt SC515 HD Box Weigher - inline Checkweighing of large products

Scanvaegt SC515 Checkweigher

Automatic weighing of boxes weighing up to 40 kg

Scanvaegt SC515 Checkweigher is the robust, reliable weighing machine that weighs boxes and bulk products such as bags,cartons, cases and the like weighing up to 40 kg – at a speed of up to 100 items per min.

The machine can also be used to check compliance with the e-weighing rules.

SC515 is made of stainless steel and designed specifically for use in industrial environments. The weighing belt is driven by a strong and robust drum motor, which ensures stable operations. The simple construction is durable and very reliable, which results in low maintenance costs. 

Precise weighing results

The sturdy weighing platform is based on parallellogram technology and precise load cells, vouching for accurate weighing operations. The SC515 is capable of weighing unwrapped as well as wrapped products at high speeds and still maintain a high weighing precision.

Flexible design

With a compact design, height adjustment of the conveyor section in fixed steps and optional transport direction, the SC515 is easy fit into existing packing lines. Both the infeed system and reject method is adapted to the individual product and production conditions,ensuring optimum handling and efficient operation.

User-friendly operation

The large 15” touch screen with logical menu guides the operator through query sequences with simple commands and ensures quick,easy and error-free operation. The simple navigation structure, clear graphics and easy product setup reduces the time required for product change.

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Scanvaegt SC515 Checkweigher


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