Flexible pallet labelling in different heights

SVA270S is an automatic pallet labelling system that prints and applies SSCC labels on one or two sides of the pallet while it is placed in the same position, or on three sides of the pallet with just two stops.

The pallet labelling system has a sturdy, compact stainless steel design that is easy to integrate into existing pallet conveyor lines. The system uses an Intermec PX6i label printer, which is a proven industrial printer for thermal and thermal transfer printing.

The applicator arm is powered by a servo-motor, which makes it possible to move the applicator arm at several different levels/angles, both horizontally and vertically. The movement occurs continuously and quickly with controlled movements, which ensures both fast and accurate labelling of pallets.

Quality control of bar code and serial number

SVA270S is available with various quality control systems, e.g. camera or scanner, which control the readability of bar codes on the label. The control system can also check that the two labels on the pallet have the same serial number.

Gentle label application

The applicator arm is equipped with "Force Control", which ensures that the pressure power of the applicator arm decreases as it meets the pallet and that the label application is then done gently and controlled. This also means that SVA270S can also be used to label pallets containing fragile products.

Variable, adjustable application height

SVA270S can be programmed with up to 32 different application heights that can be changed per pallet. The raise/lower area for application can be within, e.g. 700 mm or 1400 mm or as required.

Compact design

SVA270S has a compact design with a footprint of just 660 x 1190 mm., which provides minimal fitting dimensions and makes it easy and simple to install the system into existing pallet conveyor lines. Despite its compact design, the system has, however, room for a large label roll with a diameter of 300 mm., which reduces the number of label roll changes.

Software-transparent system

SVA270S is a software-transparent system, which can either be supplied with Scanvaegt’s own IT system - PlusFlex - or with a pre-programmed interface. This ensures a simple and smooth integration into existing printing solutions without the need for intervention in the overall IT systems or reprogramming of printer software.

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