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ScanPlant-NG SeaPack System

Efficient packing at sea

ScanPlant SeaPack is a dedicated solution for pre-packing fish at sea and reporting to the fishing authorities.

The SeaPack system makes it easy to record and manage all relevant data for trip planning, catch information, price control and reporting to e-log. The system is easy and quick to operate, featuring automatic field filling and customised screen displays.

Dedicated solution for packing at sea

SeaPack comprises a software module for the skipper on the bridge for planning and administration, and a software module for the hold for packing fish.

The basic solution, consisting of the software system and industrial terminal, is available as an ‘add-on’ system to integrate with existing marine scales. The solution can also be upscaled to a complete solution to include software, computer terminal, marine scales, printer and casing.

Easy trip planning

The Production Control model configures the fishing trip with all the relevant data: for example, port, haul name, date, financial area, catch area, ICES statistical rectangle, position and fishing gear.

 The fields, through which the system guides you one by one, are quick to complete. It can be done automatically using GPS data or selected in a drop-down menu. This reduces manual entries and cuts down on working hours. Then you press START haul and the fishing can start.

When the haul is over, the corresponding fields are similarly filled in, either automatically with GPS data or manually.

User-friendly operation = fast packing

Once the haul is completed, packing can start in the hold –preferably quickly and without too many clicks on the screen.

The SeaPack system has a clear, user-friendly interface, which is easy to manage and operate.


Moreover, in the SeaPack system the skipper can customise packing programmes for a particular season and/or particular catch area. Then, the screen display of the individual programme will only show the relevant species of fish for the specific season and catch area. The sequence of buttons for the species of fish can also be adapted.

The screen display of each programme is thus customised, making it simple and easy to operate.

Easy screen display customisation

The screen will display the button for the main species of fish first on Page 1, followed by buttons for other species of fish. This makes it easy for the packing operator to use the system and quickly register the various sizes of fish during packing.

There is room for 24 different species of fish per page. You can add more pages that are easy to flip through. The skipper determines the sequence and location of the buttons.

Control of not-completed boxes

The SeaPack system also keeps track of any partially-filled boxes, making sure they get completely packed.

 If the catch from a haul is not sufficient, for example, to fill a 30-kg box of size 3 plaice, then SeaPack registers the box as partially filled.   When the operator starts the next haul of size 3 plaice, SeaPack will draw their attention to the partially filled box, so the operator does not miss it and finishes packing it as quickly as possible.

Overview of earnings – while still at sea

The SeaPack system provides a complete overview of earnings – while the boat is still at sea.

The system’s price control index has standard prices for all species of fish. At the start of a new fishing trip, the system copies the existing standard prices in a ‘Current Price’ column, which the skipper can then maintain and update with applicable daily prices.

Based on the day’s catch and daily prices, the skipper can generate a report in SeaPack that shows the day’s catch so far, and a calculation of the value of the current catch.

Easy reporting to e-log

The system integrates with the Danish Fisheries Agency’s registration system - e-log - automatically exporting the relevant information. The fields are automatically filled in with data from SeaPack, so you do not have to do it manually – it saves a lot of time.

Once the entire catch from all hauls has been weighed, data is sent to e-log quickly and easily with just a few clicks in the SeaPack system, where data from all fishing trips and hauls is ready for reporting in the ‘Trips Overview’ module. All you have to do is select fishing trip and haul, and click on the ‘Export Now’ button. The process is complete.

Efficient administration of data and label design

SeaPack features indexes for species of fish, packing programmes, screen-display design, EU sizes and ship’s master. The indexes are very simple to manage, making the creation and maintenance of data easy. The system also has a label-design module to ensure that the label includes all mandatory information for sea-packed fish.

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ScanPlant-NG SeaPack System

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