Scanvaegt SC505 Checkweigher

Product News: Scanvaegt SC505 Checkweigher

Dedicated control system for the packing line

The Scanvaegt SC505 is a new low-cost, but high-quality checkweigher for the inspection of packaged products in dry packing environments.

The checkweigher is an efficient tool for protecting your brand by ensuring that the packages comply with requirements regarding weight, e-marking and quality by rejecting faulty packages with incorrect weight content or metal contamination.

Economical, time-saving solution

The checkweighing process is automatical and requires fewer operators, which helps lower labour costs. Combined with the thoroughly tested design, high degree of reliability and a competitive price, the SC505 represents an attractive solution for any quality packing line.

Precise, realiable and versatile

Scanvaegt SC505 is a precise, reliable and versatile solution that handles a number of tasks including:

  • Preventing packages with underweight or overweight
  • Ensuring compliance with the e-marking regulation
  • Checking and regulating a filling process
  • Rejecting metal-contaminated products
  • Capturing production data for monitoring and statistics

Gentle product handling

The Scanvaegt SC505 is available with two reject methods - T-pusher or air-blast - which ensure both fast, yet gentle product handling to avoid damaging the products.

Smart features

  • Airblast reject
  • High-speed weighing
  • Stop-on-Detect
  • Stall Surveillance
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Stall Surveillance - extra safety

The checkweigher has a safety function - Stall Surveillance - which stops the belts if anything is jammed or otherwise prevents the belts from running. The system turns on a red warning lamp, displays an error message on the HMI and sends a stop signal to the preceding packing process to prevent package chaos on the packing line.

Compact and easy-clean design

The SC505 comes in three standard versions, each of which has a slim, compact design that is easy to incorporate into existing packing lines. The simple, open construction allows easy access and thorough cleaning