Robust floor and pallet scales with high precision

Scanvaegt’s floor and pallet scales are highly accurate, reliable and easy to use. The broad range of platform scales include floor scales for building into the floor, free-standing scales, pallet scales and steel trolley scales.

Scanvaegt Systems offers floor scales that can handle most weighing tasks in both dry and wet production areas and be used for check weighing, dispensing and other automatic weighing applications.

The products have a strong all-welded stainless steel construction and especially tough load cells, which ensure optimal precision, reliability and a high standard of hygiene. The floor scales can be fitted as free-standing on the floor, be built in level with the floor or be incorporated in the machine line.

Flexible product platters

Platform scales are available with whole, fixed product platter or divided, hinged product platter. The hinged product platter is fitted with a gas spring, which means that the product platter can easily be opened by just one person. This facilitates cleaning, inspection and possible repair. The floor scales are made of stainless steel or galvanized steel and are also available in AISI 316 acid-resistant steel.

Compact pallet scales for weighing pallets

Scanvaegt Systems offers a compact solution for weighing pallets. The scale does not take up much space and is therefore easy to place and move as needed. Pallet scales can be used for weighing pallets or other weighing tasks, which may include data capture, printing of pallet labels and scanning.

The pallet scale can be used as a stand alone scale or it can be fitted with the powered roller conveyors and be built into the machine or dispatch lines.