Traceability solutions for Fish Industry

Traceability, stock management and control of expiration date

Scanvaegt's traceability system can be integrated into existing routines. The system is invisible in the daily operations, but the registerede data is nevertheless very available in case anything happens which may result in complaints from customers, which will require you to trace your products quickly.

Total traceability from receipt to despatch

With Scanvaegt's traceability system it is easy to trace any product backwards to find out where who the supplier is, which product mix they have been included in and whom the products have been sold to.

Receipt of products:

With a handheld scanner the product is registered with data of supplier, product number, batch number, quantity, net weight and expiration date. At the same time the product can be quality checked for transportation damage, compliance with requirements, analysis certificate and deviation report.


For products, which are part of a mix with other products, a new batch number/product number is created. The individual product is scanned by a handheld computer, and then product number, batch number, net weight and quantity is registered under the new batch- and product number. When the new mix is completed, it is scanned and registered into stock.


At despatch of orders a customer is selected from the list and the order number keyed-in. Product number, batch number, net weight and quantity is scanned and connected to the customer. The system checks the products in stock and informs the operator, in case there is products with a shorter expiration date in stock, so that they are used for the order.

Order check:

At order packing the actual order is displayed on the terminal of the labelling systems. At the same time the product data is transferred to the terminal and then the system checks if the product is in stock.

Stock management:

All products are scanned going in and out from stock by a handheld computer, that transfers the data wireless to the administrative system. This provides an updated overview of the stock and the products' expiration dates, which makes it very easy to manage stock and order handling.

Scalable system

The Scanvaegt traceability system can be implemented into existing labelling systems, regardless the extent of the systems. The traceability system can be scaled and customized individually to our customers' actual needs.

Traceability solutions

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Traceability solutions


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