Scanvaegt ABWL System

Automatic weighing, labelling and check of weight and barcode

The Scanvaegt ABWL System weighs and labels the boxes and checks at the same time that weight content as well as information on the label is correct, that the EC label is correctly placed and that the barcode is readable.


When boxes are to be packed, sealed, weighed and labelled, there is a risk of errors. These errors can be of different kinds; the weight content may be incorrect, the barcode may be unreadable, the EC label may be placed wrong, the box content may differ from the info on the label.

Scanvaegt's ABWL System eliminates all these errors – in addition to weighing and labelling the box, it also controls, that the weight as well as the information on the label is correct, that the sealing label is placed correctly and the the barcode is clear and readable.

In case the box deviates from the specifications, it will be rejected out to a separate conveyor for re-packaging.

Integrated control functions eliminate errors

When the box has been strapped, the sealing label is applied across the strap and the checked by a colour scanner.

The ABWL system has a stop function, which ensures, that only one box at a time is on the weighing unit - this prevents errors in the weighing process.

Once the box has been weighed, the industry computer couples the weight result to the order information, tranferred from the own IT-system. The box is then moved forward to the labelling unit, where weight and order information is printed on a label, which automatically is applied to the box.
Text and layout on the label is defined by the user.

Then a scanner reads the barcode on the label and checks, that it is readable and that the information complies with the data, generated in the industry computer at the registration of the weighing unit.

Flexible label applicators

The label applicators of the system have have a flexible design, enablinng several placements of the label on the box; the label can be applied to the side of the box (on one or both sides), to the front or the end, on the top-side or across the edge of the box.

The applicators can also label boxes of different sizes and shapes at the same time.

The label applicators require only very short distance between the individual boxes – this, combined with their high application speed, enables the applicators to handle up to 20 boxes per minute (variable weight) and up to 40 boxes per minute (fixed weight).

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