Scanvaegt SC500 Checkweigher

Accurate, reliable and versatile multi-purpose checkweigher for weight control, e-weighing and metal-detection

The Scanvaegt SC500 represents an efficient solution for weight control, e-weighing, metal-detection and data capture.

The checkweigher automatically controls all products and rejects the ones with over- or underweight, ensuring optimum product quality and the reputation of the company.

It's characterised by being extremely fast, precise and very easy to clean. The checkweigher is a genuine multi-purpose machine capable of handling a number of different jobs, e.g.:

  • Eliminating under- or overweight in the packages
  • Ensuring compliance with the e-weighing regulations
  • Sorting the products in up to 8 weight groups
  • Controlling and regulating feedback-signal
  • Rejecting metal-contaminated product
  • Collecting and report production data

Easy-to-clean and optimum hygiene standards 

The compact construction of the Scanvaegt SC500, which is easy to fit into existing packing lines, has draining surfaces, fully-welded joints, hygienic cablings and the simple open HACCP-design, which prevents dirt and bacteria from sticking and facilitates thorough cleaning.

Userfriendly operator interface

The computer terminal has a 15” touch screen with an easily operated interface. All menus have a logical structure, making it easy and fast to work the Scanvaegt SC500. The operator is guided through the sequences with simple commands in the high-brightness display, providing swift and flawless operations.

Controlling and improving production

The software package of Scanvaegt SC500 provides a comprehensive overview, numerous possibilities to optimize the production and precise production supervision by clear and structured statistics information and graphs.

The userfriendly user interface has a simple navigation structure and clear letters, and offers easy product-setup and article features which reduce changeover time

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Smart features

  • User-friendly HMI touch-screen
  • Secure registration system
  • Intelligent reject control
  • Open, easy-to-clean construction
  • Simple belt release – no tools
  • Flexible machine design

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Scanvaegt SC500 Checkweigher


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