Scanvaegt Checkweighers

Prevents overweight/underweight products, optimises product quality and improves production efficiency

Scanvaegt Systems has a broad range of accurate and reliable checkweighers for the industry. Whether you need a checkweigher to prevent overweight or underweight products, for monitoring and controlling the accuracy of the process equipment or to ensure compliance with EU directives, then the right machine can be found in Scanvaegt's broad product range.

The checkweigher automatically checks all the products with dynamic weighing, filters out products that are over or underweight and thus ensures high product quality and the company's reputation.

Products with high accuracy

We also offer multi-purpose lines for checkweighing, metal inspection, weight sorting, data capture and process monitoring in one and the same line.

All our check weighers are robust and have a solid construction that provides high reliability even in the harshest environments. The machines are characterized by a high degree of accuracy, flexibility as well as high capacity and are easily integrated in existing product lines. This makes an inline checkweigher the obvious choice for any industrial company.

Management and optimisation of production

SC500's software package provides a complete overview, countless options to optimise production and precise production monitoring by using manageable and structured statistics and graphs.

The user-friendly operator interface has a simple navigation structure and bold graphics plus an easy product setup, which reduces the time spent on product changes.

Scanvaegt is with you all the way

A checkweighing solution from Scanvaegt can also include installation, extended warranty and preventive maintenance, ensuring uptime and weighing accuracy. A cooperation agreement with Scanvaegt ensures the right people at the right place at the right time, which means high reliability, well-functioning production equipment and safety for the company.