Automatic weighing, printing and application 

Scanvaegt Systems offers automatic systems for the dynamic weighing, printing and application of labels on many types of products.

The labelling machines stand out by being a robust, modular design as well as intuitive and simple operation of the machine. The intuitive and simple operation make the machines extremely user-friendly and there is hardly a more time-saving, easier and more effective way in which to brand your products. The label can be applied on the top of the product, on the side and/or underside or across three sides of the product.

Powerful features

Our labelling systems have a range of powerful features, including:

  • Robust, easy to clean stainless steel construction
  • Easy to understand, visual user guide and machine setting on the touch-screen
  • Automatic setting with changing, different label sizes
  • Fast label roll changes
  • Automatic compensation for differences in product height
  • Thermal or thermal transfer printing
  • Label application on the top of the product, on the side and/or underside or across three sides of the product

Customised solutions

Our product program is comprehensive and, therefore, we can design flexible solutions, tailored specifically to your production. With a Scanvaegt solution, you can apply labels on retail products, boxes and pallets, and create an overview and greater efficiency.

Scanvaegt Systems - the complete partner

We make comprehensive service and support services in the form of preventive maintenance agreements, training and instruction, installation, spare parts, hotline support, software service and verification available to our customers throughout the country.