Efficient and reliable X-ray inspection

Scanvaegt provides Loma X-ray inspection systems for detecting foreign objects in products.

The system is designed for food companies that want to maintain high food safety.  X-ray inspection ensures that product quality is maintained, that industry standards are met and that both consumers and your trademarks are well protected.

Loma X-ray systems are compact, functional and cost-effective X-ray systems that can detect foreign matter such as iron, non-ferrous elements, stainless steel, glass, ceramics, bone, stone and dense plastic.

Compact x-ray for environments with minimal line space

Scanvaegt systems provide solutions for places where space is an important factor. Here, the Loma X5c x-ray stands out as the system is just one metre wide so that it can be integrated into environments with minimal line space and still detect foreign objects that are as small as 0.4 mm

The market's best detection ability

The Loma X5 Pack system has a sensor sensitivity, which is three times greater than other similar x-ray systems. The ground-breaking, fine-grain image identification registers metallic and non-metallic foreign matter such as glass, stone, calcified bone, high density plastics, additives in clumps and rubber, even in products that are packaged in foil or metallized cling wrap.

X-ray inspection as quality control
The Loma X5 Pack System can perform quality control including measure density, monitor content volume, identify missing or broken products, count components and check for damaged or incorrectly shaped packaging.

The integrated computer uses proprietary image processing and 3D modelling technology. With the addition of date, time and incident stamping, you get an intuitive package that is unrivalled.

Scanvaegt Systems - the complete partner

We provide comprehensive service and support services in the form of preventive maintenance agreements, training and instruction, installation, spare parts, hotline support, software service and verification to our customers throughout the country.