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ScanPlant NG Mobility

Mobile, flexible app-solution

ScanPlant NG Mobility is an intelligent app solution for handling all transactions from stock to shipping and loading.

The solution allows the operator to register onsite, where the goods are located - in the packing area or in the warehouse. It provides you with functions for registration to stock, management of warehouse movements, inventory check and stock taking, as well as shipping & dispatch and loading.

The system keeps track of your stock, inventory and offers the last link in the chain of full mobility.  In addition to this the system has online integration and complete paperless operations, which ensures realtime data-capture, eliminates time-consuming paper work and creates transparency in the warehouse processes.

With Scanplant Mobility you have one efficient tool for handling applications like:

  • Registration to and from stock
  • Warehouse movements
  • Inventory check & Stock taking
  • Shipping & dispatch
  • Loading

Mobile and flexible solutions – able to suit everyone

With the handheld terminals you can use ScanPlant Mobility on the go and never be constricted by a computer and a desk. The terminals can scan items in stock and make sure that you are tracking any order that is being moved to another location. Every movement is able to be stored in the cloud, so you won’t misplace items and every employee with access to the warehouse can find moved items.

Better for the environment

With Scanplant Mobility it is possible to go completely paperless. You can send order confirmations, delivery notes and so on with the press of a button. If you do not wish to go paperless, the terminals can even print labels to put on parcels. Another part of the paperless operation is picking lists that will be displayed directly on the terminal and you will not be needing a physical list.

Reduce wasted time

The design of Mobility is easily accessible and user friendly. Your employees will not have to waste valuable time figuring out how to perform certain actions and training will take up considerably less time.

The paperless operation will also reduce working hours, as all data is available online – no need to print-out and handle internal papers.

Several strong features:

  • ScanPlant Mobility runs on android, which compared to windows, still gets updates
  • You can take an order all the way to delivery only using the handheld terminal
  • You can sort your stock after several different methods, including First In First Out (FIFO)
  • Mobility will give you complete traceability if you use ScanPlant in other parts of your production

Registration to Stock

When the goods is ready from production and labelling is completed, the operator can do the stock entry registration in ScanPlant Mobility, by scanning the barcode. Now the goods will show up in the Inventory list report in ScanPlant.

Warehouse Movements

ScanPlant Mobility also manages goods movements from one location to another – e.g. from the main warehouse to production area or the other way around. Inventory movement can also be from floor level to a specific location in the warehouse or even a specific shelf. Warehouse movements can be registered even if the terminal is offline and out of Wifi range.

Inventory check & Stock taking

The warehouse will normally be split into different departments with sub locations. With ScanPlant it’s easy to do regular Stock-taking & Inventory checking, since the control can be carried-out for each location separately. The items in the selected location must be scanned – and if any differences appear, the stock may be adjusted automatically. Deviations will be reported.

Shipping & Dispatch

The solution is for picking goods from the warehouse against imported sales orders. On the Mobile device the open sales orders will be shown for the operator, in an electronic picking list. The needed Salesorder is selected and the device is ready for scanning the ID-barcode on the goods. By doing so the goods will be registered on the salesorder and afterwards registered to an export function ready for external invoicing. The Software checks that the right goods is being scanned to chosen order.

When scanning to a specific order, the goods can be packed to a pallet and an A5 format SSCC pallet label is printed out and will also be registered with the delivery.


Orders already packed and registered on sales orders can afterwards also be scanned to a specific load of goods. By doing so the actual truck transporting the goods will have full documentation of which orders is contained. It is also possible to register more trucks, if a delivery of an order will be split in more loads. The information is often important for customers doing export to keep track on orders and shipments

Smart features

  • Registration to Stock
  • Warehouse Movements
  • Inventory check & Stock taking
  • Paperless operation
  • Online integration
  • Shipping & Dispatch
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ScanPlant NG Mobility