Metal detectors for industrial use 

Scanvaegt’s metal detection range includes almost all the types of detectors that are used in the food industry, textile industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

With the increased focus on food safety and demands for efficiency in production, a reliable metal detector is an increasingly important factor.
The product range includes detectors for mounting on conveyor belts, pipes for liquids and pastes, vertical pipes for powders and granules as well as small systems for tablets and pills.

Maximum productivity and quality

The accuracy and reliability of our detectors are, for example, due to:

  • Digital Signal Processing technology, which ensures accurate detection - even at high belt speeds
  • Multi-frequency set-up so the detector can check both fresh and frozen products with maximum sensitivity
  • The easily understandable and clear touch screen is extremely user-friendly and ensures the correct set-up.

Standard detectors

For many years Scanvægt has delivered a large number of complete metal detector lines in Scandinavia. The systems are specified in close cooperation with the customer and designed specifically in accordance with requirements for a belt conveyor, automatic sorting in lockable box and confirmation of correct sorting.

Our metal detectors meet all the requirements for metal-free zones, electrically insulated tensioning of the search head, insulation of shafts and antistatic materials.

Complete service partner

Service and support are key words for Scanvaegt. We make comprehensive service and support facilities available to the customer, no matter where in the country you are. A large team of more than 75 competent technicians and specialists are located in local branches across the country, which means short response times.