Flexible and precise labelling machines

For more than 30 years, Scanvaegt Systems has been a provider of innovative labelling systems for the application of labels on a variety of retail products.

The application of labels can, for example, be done on trays, beakers, glasses, bottles, buckets, flat packs, bags, conical tubs, oval bottles, cartons - practically everything!

The labelling systems are versatile and can place the label on the top, front, side, bottom and end of the product or around the product. The label can also be placed over the edge of the product and function as a seal.

We also offer special labelling

A Scanvaegt system can handle the application of various special labels, e.g.:

  • A multilayer label with multiple fold-out pages with detailed information
  • Transparent labels with subsequent white text print
  • Sealing label over the edge of the product
  • Content Label across three sides of the product - "C-wrap"
  • Sales label on fragile, hard-to-handle products
  • 360 degree application of the sealing label

Every product is handled effectively and gently whatever the shape and application method thanks to the design of the labelling machine with, among other things, pressure rolls, pressure function and vacuum.

Flexible application methods

Our labelling systems are available with various application methods that are adapted to the product that is to be labelled, so optimal label application is achieved. Regardless of the shape of the product, we have a solution that can handle the job.

Get the best presentation of your products with the right labels

An attractive and informative label gives your products the best presentation, which contributes to increased sales. We have our own label printing works and design department, located in Odense, and we can manufacture all types of labels. By way of our extensive experience with both labels and labelling equipment, we know which requirements the label must meet to function optimally - both visually and technically.

Scanvaegt Systems as a service partner

We can help to ensure that your production system operates 24 hours a day, by virtue of a large nationwide service network with more than 70 technicians in local service centres. By performing preventive maintenance and replacing parts, we ensure that your production equipment functions optimally, is set correctly and performs at the maximum. This can be seen on the bottom line. A Scanvaegt Service Agreement gives you meticulous maintenance and emergency "first aid" - this optimises reliability and uptime.