A competent partner

In co-operation with our customers we have written various cases telling how the specific solutions work and explaining which benefits and improvements they have resulted in.

Our customers are meeting new challenges every day entailing increased requirements of the manufacturing process. We can help solve these challenges and at the same time contribute to creating more value for our customers.

You can read about our customers and their production, their experiences, and the results they have achieved by using Scanvaegt solutions and systems to solve some of the challenges they meet every day. We hope that their experiences may serve as an inspiration to you and give you ideas for production improvements.

We have been very satisfied with the labelling system, ever since day 1 the system has just been performing well – with neither problems nor worries. And the cooperation with Scanvaegt as supplier has also worked fine, so all in all we’re very satisfied”, Per Lundmark concludes with a smile.
Per Lundmark Kallholmens Maltbryggeri