Espera ES9800 has a special "multi-printer cassette" with room for 5 label rolls on one single label printer.

Espera ES9800

Automatic labelling system with 5 label rolls

The ES9800 has a special "multi-printer cassette" with room for 5 label rolls on one single label printer.

This means, that you can have 5 different label rolls on the system, ready-for-use. In that way you save a lot of time, as you don't have to change label roll every time, you shift to a new labelling job which requires a different type of label.

At the same time you save space in the packing area, as you are able to process 5 different labelling jobs on the one ES9800 system.

ES9800 prints and applies on up to 150 products per minute. The application is done dynamicaly, i.e. while the product is moving - in that way you achieve a fast, continuous flow.

The system can handle products sizes up to L 640 x B 360 x H 200 mm and apply label sizes up to B 100 x H 200 mm.

The ES9800 is operated from an advanced terminal, where you program the set-ups for the various products. The set-ups contain information about e.g. printer position, label rotation, application pressure and product guidance. Once these data are defined and set-up, is easy to handle all the labelling jobs, as the machine then is automatically adjusted according to the defined parameters.



  • applies labels on the top, side and bottom of the product
  • external supply of compressed air is not necessary, as the ES9800 has an integrated compressor
  • the system can handle several different labelling jobs at the same time
  • programme changes can be implemented while the system is in operation
  • the system has quality check of the barcode, controlling its readability
  • solid easy-to-clean construction in stainless steel
  • easy-to-understand, visual user guide and machine set-up on touch-screen
  • automatical set-up of label placement on the product in x-direction as well as y-direction
  • automatical adjustment of when shifting from one label size to another
  • quick change of label roll, due to smart servo-function
  • print-out of product labels as well as total-/box labels
  • all conveyor belts have "plug-ins" and can be replaced without use of tools
  • the thermo-print head can be replaced without use of tools

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Espera ES9800


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