Bench scales 

Scanvaegt’s bench scales and checkweighers are designed to improve quality, efficiency and profits. We offer a wide range of robust and reliable bench and checkweighers.

With a design that is robust, easy to clean and compact, the industrial scales are effective and reliable control tools that solve a wide range of tasks quickly and simply and consequently contribute to increasing production efficiency.

Bench scales for both wet and dry environments

Scanvaegt stocks a broad range of proprietary bench scales, designed for use in wet production environments, as well as checkweighers from leading international manufacturers for use in dry environments. This means that we can always provide the best solution regardless of whether the scales are to be placed everywhere in the factory and are used in both dry packing areas and wet production areas.

Bench scale with versatile features

A Scanvaegt bench scale can solve a large number of tasks, such as:

  • Control of under and overweight
  • Packing according to target weight with +/- tolerances
  • Sorting products by weight
  • Automatic weighing, integrated into packing lines

Scanvaegt Systems - the complete partner

Scanvaegt Systems provides comprehensive service and support services in the form of preventive maintenance agreements, training and instruction, installation, spare parts, hotline support, software service and verification to our customers throughout the country.