The Loma IQ3+ is a flexible, userfriendly and reliable metal detector
Loma IQ3+ Metaldetektor has a very high detection precision with up to 70 frequencies versus

Loma IQ3+ Metal detector

Efficient and versatile metal detector

The Loma IQ3+ is a flexible, userfriendly and reliable metal detector which has a very high detection precision with up to 70 frequencies versus just 3 frequencies in other metal detectors.

The patented IQ3 and IQ3+ models build on this achievement and offer an industry first, true variable frequency operation with tough IP69K environmental protection. Whatever the application they will automatically set-up for peak performance in seconds.

Changes in product and packaging that may necessitate a frequency change no longer require the expense and inconvenience of service engineer set-up.The correct operating frequency is key to the detection of the grade of stainless steel used in the food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.

Available with two different display types:

Loma IQ3+: easy-to-use" colour touch-screen
Loma IQ3: simple double-line display

Consistent performance

They have a unique case and coil geometry that delivers a quantum leap in immunity from degrading effects such as;vibration, electrical interference, case distortion and thermal shock, which are often the causes of poor in service performance.

Outstanding reliability

World class manufacturing techniques bond stainless steel, polymers and resins to create water and dust tight seals to ensure a favourable and stable working environment for the rugged electronics and search coil assemblies.

Clear, easy-to-use controls

The IQ3+ has a PC based full colour graphical touch screen. The easy to use icon driven menus each with context sensitive help screens ensures compliance with internal quality standards for testing and validation.

Smart features

  • Flexible: genuine multi-frequency detection - set-up change for new products or/and packing takes only few seconds
  • Userfriendly: automatical product set-up ensures max. sensitivity with no need for manual adjustment
  • Reliable: Unique housing- and coil design provides optimum protection against external influence
  • Big capacity: powerful product memory for quick product shift and data storage
  • Robust: IP69K
  • Icon Driven Menus, simply touch the relevant icon for set-up or adj
  • Application Data Base: stores set-up parameters
  • Auto test: ensures compliance with HACCP
  • Ethernet-prepared: Essential at factory/OEM-integration
  • Automatical product shift: by means of barcode reader

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Loma IQ3+ metal detectors


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